Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Blue Moon
50" x 60" Throw Blanket
1.8 lbs
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Royal Plush Raschel Throw Blanket Blue Moon 50 in X 60 In.
  • From the American Heritage Collection
  • Royal Plush Raschel Throw
  • Size - 50" X 60"
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash, Tumble Dry
  • Soft, Warm and Durable
  • Howl at the moon while cuddling with this American Heritage Collection, featuring Robin Koni’s “Blue Moon” Royal Plush Raschel Throw by The Northwest Company! This bold, colorful, and extremely soft throw is designed with an artistic flair that depicts a wolf howling with the moon in the background. The material of this throw is super plush, warm, and known for its rich, saturated colors. With exceptional durability, this 50”x 60” throw can be used in the bedroom to keep warm, as a decorative wall hanging, or outdoors on a picnic. This 100% Polyester throw has decorative binding around the edges. This photoreal throw blanket is unique and is a great decor accent piece in any room it's used in. The decorative throw blanket is super soft and perfect for anyone looking to curl up and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate or reading a good book. Enjoy this festive decorative throw blanket by spreading it out on your couch or arm chair to show off the photoreal design in full. This decorative throw blanket is machine washable and should be tumble dried on low.